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I am confident that Moors and Masonry will inspire my people to claim masonry as their birthright and sovereign authority, therefore, no longer being mentally and politically subjugated to the European Occupiers’ and Colonists’ false history and law.

Moors and Masonry Part 1

The Moorish Enslavement and Ransoming of Europeans during the 1500s, 1600s and 1700s: Re-examining the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Story. The Federal Government and the Imperial Divan Restored to the Moors. Restoring the Moorish hereditary birthright title Noble to the Moors. Restoring the Moorish Sovereign Titles - Imperial Potentate, Royal monarch, Sovereign Grand Commander and Illustrious - to the Moors.

Illuminati and Illumination of the Mind

Dedicated to our active family who perform in the entertainment industry, and is forwarded especially to inform and to enhance the positive consciousness and effectiveness of the recording members participating in the Hip Hop and Rap Community.

Volume 1, Issues 1, 2 and 3

A Subsidiary Newspaper of the MoorishCiviletter / MoorishCiviletter.net | The Masonical, October, December and April editions.

Moors and Masonry Part 2

Coming Autumn 2017

American? Or United States Citizen?

Coming Summer 2017

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